“The screams emerged from the house like enraged thunder, and were carried on a gentle, guiding breeze that securely deposited them in the robust cornfield where they, at once, became silent.”

Author Cassius Shuman’s debut novel, “The Dead Boy’s Legacy,” is a spellbinding and dark tale that revolves around the legacy of a missing boy, the family who loves him and the predator who abducted him.

Shuman’s intense, haunting and heartbreaking novel begins with the chilling abduction of an angelic young boy named Tommy McCarthy on a desolate street in a quaint small town. The loss shatters the lives of the boy’s parents, Pauline and John McCarthy, who become embroiled in an arduous battle with their demons as they struggle to overcome their unfathomable grief. John searches tirelessly for his missing son, while Pauline contends with her overwhelming despair by drowning her sorrows.

From his research acquired assisting Jeff Mudgett with the book “Bloodstains,” about the author’s great-great-grandfather, who was notorious serial killer Dr. H.H. Holmes, Shuman brings an educated perspective to the serial killer genre. The author explores the world of psychological trauma using sobering prose while weaving the narrative through a factual historical landscape.

“The Dead Boy’s Legacy” is a thrilling and complex family saga that illuminates the dark side of human nature while exploring the strength of a family’s love of their son. Shuman takes you on a compelling journey through hell while building a tale filled with suspense, intrigue, hope and life’s little miracles.