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A few months ago I had the distinct privilege and pleasure of speaking about the subject of writing (and politics) with Professor Caroline Heldman’s Elections and Campaign class at Occidental College. While I clearly expected the discussion to be centered around politics, especially the campaign process, I didn’t expect that the students would have such an interest in the art of writing. They peppered me with questions about the craft of writing during and after my presentation. It was a real gratifying experience for me, interacting with such eager and passionate minds. I was extremely pleased to see that these college students were interested in the art of writing and how they might utilize the written word to express themselves and do something productive and positive with their lives.

Professor Heldman’s class is focused on being an agent of change in the world, and how everyone can make a difference with the choices that they make. It is refreshing to see that a teacher like Professor Heldman is educating college minds about the potential of being an advocate for social change and a combatant against injustice in the world. She understands that a sea change can develop and evolve when a single individual decides to improve the world by being an agent for change. It doesn’t matter what the cause is, as long as it is aimed at fighting inequality and social injustice. At the very least one’s interests should be geared toward trying to make the world a better place.

This brings me to the subject of diversity in writing. I think as a writer you should strive for variety in the subject matter of your writing. It doesn’t matter what your interests are, as long as you have some to write about. If you’re a political, creative and business minded individual like me then you will appreciate this discussion. I started out writing short stories when I was younger from pure imagination. As I grew older I started to understand the value of writing about something of substance. I think that happened to me when I began working in the broadcast news business.

Find value in writing about different subjects. Believe me everything you learn will serve to inform, or educate you, making you a much more evolved writer.

Recently, I contributed some movie news articles to You can find them here.

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