A Writer’s Legacy…

A Dartmouth, Massachusetts native, Cassius grew up in the town which was the inspiration for his novel. He played Little League baseball, rooted for the Boston Red Sox, dined at the Sail Loft and worked as a lifeguard at Horseneck Beach. His fondest recollection was driving down the rural roads past the cornfields where the pungent smell of freshly cut grass and cow manure wafted through the air.

Born with a fascination and passion for storytelling, he believes that his writing career was forged at a young age when he conceived stories, plays and skits. He wrote short stories in high school study hall which featured fellow students as characters embroiled in a spontaneous plot created from pure imagination. He has always felt like a dreamer preoccupied by the stories and characters running through his mind. It seemed only natural that he would earn a living as a writer.

His first paying job was as a broadcast journalist for the NBC affiliate (WJAR-TV) in Providence, Rhode Island, where he produced and reported for the daily news shows. At that time he also worked in Radio at WERI-AM where he hosted a morning talk show and reported on breaking news. Shortly thereafter he became Sports Director of an independent station (WTWS-TV) in New London, Connecticut, where he produced, reported and anchored sports segment on the nightly news.

After several years in the broadcast news business Cassius followed his dreams and moved to New York City where he wrote and produced stage plays on Manhattan’s famed “Theatre Row.” His play entitled “The War Room” about a conflicted President who must wrestle with his demons while addressing the myriad complexities of politics and war earned him rave reviews. He has worked on numerous television and film productions in Hollywood. He assisted Jeff Mudgett with the development of the book “Bloodstains” which is about the author’s great-great-grandfather who was known as notorious serial killer Dr. H.H. Holmes.

The genesis for “The Dead Boy’s Legacy” was formed from Cassius’s concern for missing children and from researching serial killers for Jeff Mudgett’s book. The missing children cause has been close to his heart ever since a family friend’s 11-year-old son was presumably abducted. The heartbreaking disappearance struck a chord that resonated loudly with the author. That is why he is donating a portion of his book’s sales to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.