First Book Endorsement

“The Dead Boy’s Legacy” captured my attention immediately. It is a sensitive and caring look into child abduction. I couldn’t put it down. Cassius Shuman’s insightful book escorts us into the fear and horrors that parents experience. We feel their pain and frustration along with them.  This is a well-researched book that carries us along with the authorities as they go through the grueling process of searching for the lost child. -Dr. Vonda Pelto, Psychologist & Author of “Without Remorse”

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Just Breathe!

The book is being published.

“The Dead Boy’s Legacy” is no longer just a figment of my overactive imagination.

It felt pretty good writing that I must say.

It seems hard to believe. All of the time spent pouring over prose, trying to make it sing, and prior to that, diligently developing story notes while attempting to translate my dreams into meaningful words on paper. Crazy, but it feels like a lifetime ago when I conjured up the McCarthy’s and the Duncan’s imaginary worlds and began the journey of making my book a reality. I can remember the first few days when the concept was bubbling in my thoughts and later, once they had all crystalized, being obsessed with the telling of the story. Most writers know this as the courting stage when everything seems exciting, shiny and new. You’re not yet lost in the middle of an ocean of words, where you can’t see land. You’re just trucking along, pumping out your prose, like it’s going out of style. So, I wrote and wrote until it felt like I had built a story worthy of such a lofty endeavor.

This is when…

I remember suddenly being struck down before the book was completed with a painful ruptured appendix, and then being rushed into surgery at the hospital while wondering if the book would ever see the light of day. Yes, that thought actually crossed my mind. Then, after making it through the surgery I spent a week in the hospital recovering, still contemplating if I would be able to get back to my writing, afraid that the momentum had been robbed from me or vanished into thin air.

When the week was up and I was finally released, I raced back to my computer with a sea of ideas swimming through my mind. It was all there when I began to write, as the words flowed onto the page. All that remained between me and the completion of my debut novel was the Epilogue. Unfortunately, a heightened temperature would return me to the ER, where the doctor informed me that quote, “There was a mass in the area of my surgery,” terrifying and preventing me from once again completing my task.

An hour later, another doctor told me that I had an infection where my appendix had been removed. It was pretty sizeable. But it was located in a tricky area of my stomach. The doctors said that they would have to be careful with their attempts to remove the poison from my body. They didn’t want to risk injuring me, or complicate matters by puncturing an organ. After a week of constant MRI visits, and monitoring, considered attempts to stick a distressingly long needle into my stomach were abandoned when the doctors decided that the new course of treatment would be to pump me full of heavy antibiotics. I later learned that these were chemo-type drugs that would kill everything in my system that was bad for it. They would also kill some things that were good. This would lead to other complications but I’m not going to bore you with those sad and horrific details.

Thankfully, the drugs worked, and I was free to return home where I finished my book. Which brings me to my whole, “My book is finally published,” thing that I’m blogging about today. It’s hard to believe, but “The Dead Boy’s Legacy” will be available for purchase by the end of next week. The target release date by my publisher, Booktrope Editions, is October 26th. I am having a launch party on November 2nd, here in Los Angeles. The venue is yet to be determined. By the way, this would hardly be possible without the blessed collaboration of my Editor and Book Manager Adam Bodendieck, as well as some wonderfully supportive people. Adam’s contributions in particular go way beyond what I had expected in shaping the material for its life on the market. I am grateful for his participation.

This brings me to my last point, which is giving birth. It feels like I have nurtured this project along, for practically two years, enduring the pains of its evolution and now must come to terms with releasing it to the world. Not an easy thing to do. The ‘letting go’ part I mean. As someone once told me, “Sometimes you just need to breathe a deep breath and believe that everything will be okay.” Just breathe…

The book is being published. Pretty cool!

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