There Are No Accidents (I Think)

There are no accidents in life.

There are no magical phenomena.

There are no wizards.

That’s for children’s fairy-tales.

I sometimes have a hard time believing that this is actually true; that there truly are no accidents. I’m not sure why I feel this way. It’s like there’s an inner censor telling me to be leery, cautious. It’s just that sometimes the people or things that enter your realm of existence are so unbelievably amazing and wonderful that I find myself having a hard time wrapping my head around them. Maybe I’ve lived long enough to not believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny so I have trouble at times with suspending disbelief. But, the people and things that sometimes enter our lives do so in the most spectacular and unexpected way that they’re often hard to fathom. And, most of the time they are there to do something wonderful or spectacular in your life. In some instances they are there to serve your life and needs in some particular capacity to make your life better. No, I don’t mean service your needs, like a submissive slave. I mean play an important role in some aspect of the betterment of your life.

Let me explain a little about how that happened to me recently. As you know, since you’re reading this post on my website, I wrote a book about missing children called “The Dead Boy’s Legacy.” Well my publisher had been trying to connect me with an editor for my book over the past few months. The fine people at Booktrope Editions, Ken Shear, Katherine Sears and Heather Ludviksson had admirably and diligently introduced me to several editors who, for one reason or another, just didn’t click with me and the story I was trying to tell. It was starting to become, in my mind, a rather arduous task of finding the right marriage of author and editor. Out of respect to that talented crop of editors who entertained editing my book, my story contains some rather dark and serious subject matter. Bottom line: It’s not for the squeamish or the faint of heart. The weighty story line requires a certain, or specific, sensibility that is a prerequisite for an editor.  At the very least they would need to be in tune with the distinct pulse of the material.

Enter editor extraordinaire Adam Bodendieck. I should say practically out of left field. That’s the way it felt to me. Well, not only is Adam a former English student, but his wife, author Heather Huffman, has written numerous books which cover similar subject matter and deal with the missing person’s cause as it relates to human trafficking. You can find out more about the talented Ms. Huffman and her books here: So, I considered it my supreme good fortune when Heather Ludviksson (another Heather) informed me that Adam, of all people, would be working on my book. Of course, when I first spoke to Adam on the phone it was truly like divine intervention. Not only did he understand the story I wanted to tell, but Adam and I connected on a fundamental person-to-person basis as well. That means he understood my goofy sense of humor. I won’t get into the dirty jokes we exchanged with each other as well. But, seriously, we hit it off. I instantly knew he was the right man for my book. Which brings me back to my whole ‘there-are-no-accidents’ point. I mean the odds of finding someone like Adam to edit my very particular story seemed remote at best when I began my search for an editor with my publisher. Not to sound too profound, but the fact that he came to the job with all of the proper tools, speaks to something far beyond our comprehension.

So, I ask you, was this an accident? Or, was it fate intervening by bringing Adam and I together? Or, from my perspective, was I extremely fortunate to be delivered the right person who I required in a time of need? Or, are the good and talented people at Booktrope Editions miracle workers? That last sentence could actually be considered as the truth. I’ve never experienced people as resourceful, committed and inventive as they are at Booktrope Editions. Are they truly miracle workers? Maybe not, (I’m not actually sure about this.) but they’re awfully close. That being said, I still think that Adam being assigned as the editor of “The Dead Boy’s Legacy,” as well as taking on the coveted role of ‘Book Manager,’ which means he will shepherd my book throughout the publication process and out into the marketplace, was no accident. I believe there was something else at work here that dwells in the realm of the unexplained. Cue the “Twilight Zone” music please!  ;)

Well, preordained or not, it is a compelling argument for the mysteries that captivate our inquisitive minds. I’m sure that each of you must have a similar story to share. So go on then… Please feel free to share your story by posting in the comment section below. If you’re an author, tell me about something that involved your writing, or your interaction with your publisher. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big, epic story, or a small incident which occurred in your life. I’m interested, so please post away…

By the way Adam, I promise this will be the last time that I publicize my appreciation for your blessed collaboration. I think I’m starting to sound a little sappy.

You can find more info about Booktrope Editions here:


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